Client Testimonials

Ken Walker, Buyer of 2003 Dyer Custom Diesel Center Console:

Dear Jim, Sorry about the delay in writing this email. Especially when you did such a fine job consummating the sale to me of my Dyer 29 some months ago.
I realize that as the broker for this boat your responsibilities were to the interests of the seller and you did that well. Importantly, you did so much more. You listened carefully to my concerns and points during the negotiations. You expressed them clearly and without emotion to the seller and likewise with his points to me.
Subsequent to the sale I spoke with the seller and we both agreed that you involvement with the deal was key to the successful completion of this sale.
Even after the sale you were a tremendous help to me in my arrangements with the Huckins Yacht yard as well as arranging for timely shipping to Connecticut. Thank you once again for you professionalism


Steve Lowry, Seller of their Manta 40 Sailing Catamaran:

Thanks for all your support on the marketing and sale of our Manta. You’re the best broker I’ve met in the market. Keep up the good work. Money transferred successfully!


Kere L, new owner of 2005 Hake Seaward 32 LRK sailboat:

Alan is extremely knowledgeable about sailing and boats. His expertise was essential to helping me select the boat I wanted. More importantly, his follow-up and guidance after the sale has been invaluable to help me get acclimated to the boat and plan improvements that I want to make. He has referred reliable resources to complete work/improvements and inquired regularly as to progress. And perhaps most importantly, has answered may calls on the first ring when I just needed to ask some advice. In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend Alan to anyone looking to sell or buy a boat.


Dave Ettinger, Purchaser of 35 Ericson sailing vessel:

Alan, I have really enjoyed working with you on this purchase. You are an excellent yacht broker. Your dedication to the process and years of experience made a potentially complex undertaking simple and relatively stress free. That’s worth a lot in my book. Thank you very much.


Mark and Mary Watson of Lillian, Alabama, Purchaser of 1994 Sabre 38 Mark II:

Mark and I began our sailboat buying adventure in March 2013 and completed this endeavor in September 2013. As first-time boat buyers, we started out without much knowledge and we were fortunate that Alan became one of the first yacht brokers we met during this process. After the first weekend of keel kicking, we knew that Alan was going to be “our” yacht broker. For the next six months, Alan helped us to fine tune our search. He was diligent in sending us potential listings and helped us to narrow down our choices as we searched for just the right boat. I always felt that Alan was really working to ensure we’d be happy with our choice…not to just sell a boat to sell a boat. When we found the right one and began the purchasing phase, he was just at attentive to detail and service in making sure all the paperwork was completed correctly and in a timely manner. We are delighted with our new boat and this is in large part due to Alan’s support and knowledge during the boat buying process.


Peter Garrett and Ken Crerar, Sellers of their Fleming 55 Pilothouse

Thanks very much for helping us sell our Fleming 55. Grand Slam was always professional, informed and extremely hardworking. We appreciated Jim Booth’s knowledge of yachts, the business, and the strategy for ultimately getting her sold. Most importantly, we have always appreciated your honesty and positive attitude. We’ve learned a lot about the yachting industry, including the fact that many people in the business lack integrity. However you have always been extremely forthright and candid in your counsel, and it’s refreshing to know that there are some good people involved in boating! And you were also extremely helpful in helping us prepare our boat for sale.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to someone who wanted their boat sold or who was looking to buy a boat. We wish you the very best of luck in the future, take care .


Ann Marie and Chuck Montroy, Sellers of their Cabo Rico 38 Cutter

We met Alan a couple of years ago. Over many years of boating we learned what we liked about boats and boat brokers. We were searching for a blue water long distance cruiser. Alan was diligent in his continued search for us. He traveled from pillar to post to try to find the right boat for us. We had a long list of requirements. He was always honest and so when we decided to sell, we would not want anyone else represent us.

Alan tries to properly match buyers and sellers. He is always cheerful, warm and has endless patience. With Alan’s attitude he can only be successful in his chosen career. We highly recommend Alan if professionalism is your first requirement.
Ann Marie and Chuck


R. Pike, Owner of a new Island Packet 440 Sailing Yacht

I was living in Rio de Janeiro in 2009 when I decided to purchase a new sailboat. I wanted to purchase an Island Packet 440 that had not been previously owned, and found that the last 2 were for sale at Island Yachting Center in Bradenton, FL. I contacted them and scheduled a tour and test sail with Alan, who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and very friendly as well. On my next trip to the US, I flew to Tampa, met Alan in person, and after an enjoyable test sail, decided to purchase the boat. Because I lived overseas, Alan was exceptionally helpful with closing the sale, getting the boat documented, as well as ensuring that all the options were added in a professional manner. He also allowed me to send several items to him to hold until I arrived for my shakedown cruise. During the period between my down payment and closing the sale, Island Yachting Center and Island Packet decided to end their relationship, and Alan began to work with another broker. In spite of this, he continued to represent me while I was having a few final post-shakedown cruise items completed by Island Yachting Center and Island Packet Yachts. He clearly did not have to do this, but it was obvious to me that Alan felt that his responsibilities were not complete until he had a happy customer. Finally, whenever I had a question that he did not know the answer to, Alan would tell that he didn’t know and would find out. I never felt any pressure from Alan and appreciated his honesty. Therefore, I would highly recommend Alan to anyone contemplating purchasing a boat!


Bart Bartusek of Sarasota, FL seller of Beneteau Sloop and buyer of CC 320 Express Cruiser

My experience with Alan and Frank at Grand Slam has been great! I recently sold my Beneteau Sailboat and purchased a power boat through Grand Slam and have to admit that their attention to detail and professionalism were equally superb. They were always available to show us suitable boats when we were buying, literally anywhere, and they bring in the clients if you’re selling. My sailboat sold in less than 60 days! Also, I recently purchased a 32 foot Power Cruiser through them. After delivery we were unable to get the Garmin VHF to work. Rather than just tell me to contact Garmin for service they took it upon themselves to contact Garmin on my behalf and resolved the problem. When I sell my current boat, Grand Slam will again get my business!


Dr. Blair Bunting Purchaser of 1997 Sabre 402 Sailing Yacht

I recently bought my first ‘big boat, a 1997 Sabre 402, which is a model I had had my eye on for about a decade. I had consulted with a number of brokers. The process of finding and evaluating, and valuing, a bigger boat was something I thought I knew about but I had never actually done. I met Alan Pressman online when he found out about my interests and thought he might be able to match me with a seller, with Alan serving as broker for both me and the seller. While on principle one would be concerned about conflicts of interest, I did not, from the beginning, experience Alan as anyone but an honest broker for both parties. I found that Alan wanted to facilitate a rational process for both me and for the seller. During the month-long consideration of the boat I eventually bought, Alan was exceedingly patient with my frequent inquiries about the boat and the buying process, as well as the logistics related to an out of state boat. I think Alan succeeded in having the process be as honest and transparent for both the seller and me as it could be; he wanted me to know both the strong points as well as the less positive aspects of the boat I was considering. The seller and I actually spent time on the boat together with Alan, talking about the boat and even sailing a bit, prior to and after the sale. Alan possesses a tremendous knowledge about boats (he is encyclopedic on Sabres) and if he does not know the answer to a question, he knows where to find it. Mostly, I think Alan is passionate about sailing and sailboats; he wants to sell you a boat, yes, but it’s more important to know about and be passionate about the boat you are buying. If you read the testimonials of others who have worked with Alan, then mine turns out to be ‘just more of the same.’ What I can further attest to about Alan, however, comes through my experience with him onboard, not just in considering and buying the boat but on the delivery run afterwards. Mindful of my particular circumstances, Alan wanted to help me get the boat from Maine to her new berth in the Chesapeake, and he wanted to help me become familiar with the boat – and I needed help with both. Alan rearranged his own schedule and acted as my unpaid delivery captain for the run south, and we enjoyed sailing through his old cruising grounds in the Long Island Sound. I’d enjoy having Alan aboard again, and he has an open invitation to join us aboard Whim. Certainly, when I return to the sailboat market, Alan will be the broker I’ll call.”


Fred Hall of Green Cove Springs, Fl – Seller of a Custom 2001 Charles Morgan New Passage 56 Trawler

Frank, Working with you was a great pleasure. Not only did you sell my boat with great efficiency, your friendly nature and vessel knowledge made the process easy for all parties. If you ever need a recommendation, you have my number. I enjoyed our time on board and thank you very much.!”


Bob and Sloan Kane, Sellers of Cheers, 1996 Sabre 362 Sailing Yacht in Virginia

I live in the Chesapeake Bay area so when it came time to sell my 1996 Sabre 362 I never considered listing it with anyone other than a Chesapeake Bay broker. However, before doing so I made a small attempt at selling the boat myself through notifying four Sabre Associations located from Maine to Florida. As I expected that effort shortly proved fruitless and I decided to go the conventional route with a Broker. Coincidentally, the Florida Sabre Association contact, was also a Broker and as you might expect he contacted me regarding listing with him. I was somewhat reluctant to do this due to the proximity issues and the fact that I had no knowledge of either him or his brokerage Grand Slam Yacht Sales. However, after numerous phone conversations and exchanges of emails with Alan, I became convinced that this was someone with whom I could be comfortable. That proved out to be a great decision. I signed a listing agreement on July 22, 2011 and went to settlement on October 13, 2011, less than three months, in this weak market. Alan couldn’t have been more professional, honest, straightforward and competent. He did everything you would expect of a Broker except we agreed that due to proximity issues I would make initial showings of the boat. He owns a Sabre 34, his company is an agent for Sabre Sailing Yachts, and his enthusiasm for Sabre boats is evident which I believe helped in the selling process. And, I got a selling price I stipulated. As you might guess, I can unequivocally recommend Alan, Grand Slam Yacht Sales, if you ever have need of a Broker.”


Carolyn & Keith May of Camden Maine – Sellers of 402 Sabre Sailing Yacht

Keith and I want to thank you Alan for all your hard work and help (much of it above and beyond the call of duty) with the sale of “Whim” our Sabre 402. We were both impressed with your attention to detail, organization, and follow through. You made a process that is often complicated and sometimes contentious, comfortable and easy for both of us. We also feel like we made a friend and look forward to seeing you again. We wish you good luck and continued success. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who might want to sell or buy a boat.”


Robert Makowski of Sarasota, Fl – Buyer of Beneteau 321

It has been a year now since I bought my Beneteau 32 from Grand Slam Yacht Sales. I deliberately waited a year to write my endorsement letter. I wanted to wait until the excitement of a new boat subsided when I could make a better appraisal of the boat and the service I received from Grand Slam Yacht Sales. Now at this point I can say that I have been very pleased with the condition of the Beneteau. And without reservation I offer my highest recommendation to anyone considering buying a boat from Grand Slam Yacht Sales.
While shopping for a sailboat Alan was patient, considerate, and extremely knowledgable. He was always professional and never seemed in a hurry to complete the sale. Alan also patiently answered a multitude of questions that I had about sailboats. The best feature of working with Alan has been the help and advice that I have received over the past year since purchasing the Beneteau. I’ve called Alan countless times with questions and seeking recommendations for for improvements and service for my boat. The help and kindness Alan showed before buying continued after the sale was complete.
When the time comes to sell the Beneteau and upgrade to another boat I will definitely broker through Grand Slam Yacht Sales. .
While shopping for a sailboat Alan was patient, considerate, and extremely knowledgeable. He was always professional and never seemed in a hurry to complete a sale. Alan also patiently answered a multitude of questions I had about sailboats. The best feature of working with Alan has been the help and advice that I received over the past year since purchasing the Beneteau. I’ve called Alan countless times with questions and seeking recommendations for improvements and service for my boat. The help and kindness Alan showed before buying continued after the sale was complete.
When the time comes to sell the Beneteau and upgrade to another boat I will definitely broker through Grand Slam Yacht Sales.


Rick and Kathie Schnoor of Miami, Fl – Sellers of Caliber 28 and Buyers of 2007 Island Packet 370

“When we decided to sell our 28’ Caliber and purchase an Island Packet 370, we looked at the business cards of yacht brokers we had collected over the years at every Miami boat show. The one card that stood out was Alan Pressman’s – only because he was the one broker who would email every now and then to see if we were ready to move up. No pressure – just good follow up. So we contacted him, and before we knew it, our old boat was sold, and we are now sailing our beautiful IP 370. Alan handled both transactions with ease. He promptly returned calls, e-mails and processed the paperwork. His valuable knowledge of the IP’s features and honest assessments helped us make the right choice from several on the market. Alan is a consummate professional, yet very laid back and easy to be around. We hope to have many years of enjoyment on the new boat, and Alan will always have an invitation to join us on the water!”


Rich Breunich, Seller of his Maine Cat 41 Cruising Catamaran

“Alan is the consummate professional and I highly recommend him if you are buying or selling your boat. His experience in the industry, along with his strong sense of ethics, make him a unique resource. He sold my boat in a difficult market, obtained a fair price for it, and closed the deal with a minimum amount of our involvement. It was a job well done and I plan to use him in all of our future boating transactions!”


John C Thurston. Seller of his Sabre 362, Bon Temps

“Looking for a good broker to help you buy or sell a boat? Well, I have had a great experience with Alan on both counts. He was very effective in finding a qualified buyer for my sailboat at a time when sales were lagging due to the recent economic downturn, and at a price I felt was fair and met my expectations. The sale was handled with great care and attention to all the details, a critical factor as I was on vacation out of the country when we had to close the deal by phone.
In my current quest for the “new boat of my dreams”, he has been helpful in understanding my requirements and limitations, providing me with an extensive list of options to examine further, and offering unbiased analysis of the boats being offered. His attention to detail and his thorough understanding of the wide variety of boats on the market has proven most valuable. His willingness to research detailed questions I have raised in the purchase process has been most helpful in sorting through the maze of hype and promotion always present in advertising.
His honest, straightforward representation of my interests on both sides of the buy/sell process has been a refreshing experience in light of past experience with other brokers. His knowledge and willingness to work tirelessly on my behalf has proven to be a most satisfactory experience.”


Phil & Nancy Wilk, Seller of 2005 Proline Express

Frank and Bob were willing to share their experience and knowlege in the boating industry with me long before I was a client. They did not pressure me to list our boat, but explained what they could do to help me when I was ready.
They got me the price I wanted for my boat, and handled all the details. Although the boat was being shipped to Australia, I was confident having them represent me in handling all the details.
As I am going through the process to find my next boat, they have been a great resource. They are much more interested in finding a boat I will be happy with and will fit our needs then they are in just “making a sale.”
In my professional life I have seen the operations of several other large boat brokers in the area. I see how they run their businesses and treat their customers and feel lucky that I ran into Frank and Bob at Grand Slam.


Mike and Carolyn Dolan, Purchasers of their Hunter 386, Irish Rover

“Alan went out of the way when other brokers would not. He showed us everything available in our area and when we did not find a boat to our liking he went all the way to Miami to check out what was available there. We found our dream boat, a 38 foot Hunter, in Miami and he handled all the details for us to make the purchase. We have since had unbelievable experiences in the Bahamas and up the coast of the U.S. Thank you Alan.”


Rick and Donna Cass. Sellers of their Island Packet 35, Stray Cat.

“We were completely satisfied and happy with your representation of our Island Packet 35 when we sold her. You were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the sale, and gave great advice with respect to the elements of successful selling and presentation. We also personally enjoyed the camaraderie when taking the boat for sails to gauge the effect of the new mainsail on boat performance. We wish you the best going forward. . Yours in freedom and fun, Peace, love and joy, Rick and Donna”


Graham Turner, Purchaser of 2004 Proline Express

I received the document from Pro Line today – many thanks.
Just wanted to let you know that my Pro Line Express arrived in Perth last week. It was a bit of an anxious wait but I’m delighted to say it was in one piece and was exactly as you described it to me.
I took it out in the Indian Ocean over the week end and it was perfect. Toped 39 kts and handled beautifully.
Many thanks for your patience and professional service.
I would have no hesitation in dealing with you and Grand Slam Yachts when I wish to purchase a new vessel in the future.
Great service. Well done.


Joyce and Gary Groover, Purchasers of their Manta 40 Sailing Catamaran, Pangaea

“My wife Joyce and I purchased a Manta 40 Catamaran. Alan was the listing broker and first person we contacted when we came to Florida. He was very knowledgeable about the boat and after we went home, he stayed in touch with us and kept us informed about boats in the area that we might be interested in.
When we decided that we were interested in purchasing the Manta, which was the first boat we had looked at, Alan worked with me on an offer and worked very hard to help the owner and I reach a final price. This was not easy since I had returned to Texas, so all communications very via E-mail or telephone.
The outcome of the purchase was good for all. The previous owners have become friends whom we visit when in Florida. Alan has kept in touch since we bought the boat and has been helpful on any questions we have had. He has become a friend, and is also someone we like to visit.”


John and Judy Blackman. Purchasers of their Island Packet 485, Judith , sellers of their Beneteau 473.

“My husband contacted Alan in September of 2008 seeking information about an Island Packet 485 sailing yacht which he had listed for sale in which we were interested.
After really only light discussion with Alan about the boat, and resting on the philosophy, “if Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”, my husband suggested that I get on a flight to Miami to see this beautiful boat. We called Alan and asked if he could pick me up at the Miami airport. Though given only 48 hours notice, Alan gladly agreed to drive across Florida and take me to the Coconut Grove Marina to see the boat. As we are avid sailors, there were many questions. All of our questions were answered; no stones left unturned. Alan helped us, represented us, took care of us from start to finish, even suggesting that our delivery captain (whom he recommended and supplied for us), upon delivering our new Island Packet to us in Louisiana, take our existing boat , a Beneteau 473 back to Florida, where Alan sold it for us within 6 weeks (or was it 5?).
We have a gem–actually two: our boat–our fabulous boat, and our friendship–our dear friendship, with Alan.”


Jim Haas and Jacque, sellers of their Island Packet 485

“Dear Alan; I want to sincerely thank you for handling the sale of Jacque’s and my 2005 Island Packet 485. We were very impressed with the short amount of time the boat was on the market before you had offers coming in. With your guidance as to how to price and present a pre-owned yacht for sale, the buyers were always impressed with what they saw. Before listing with you I interviewed quite a few yacht brokers and your knowledge and enthusiasm impressed Jacque and I the most. As we look back, it was a win-win for all as the market was declining during the sale process. As a full time yacht broker your knowledge and experience prove worthy of the expression “under promised and over delivered”. We would recommend you to any serious yacht buyer/seller.”


Phoebe and Peter Booth, Purchasers of their Island Packet 420, Coot

“Alan, a very big thank you from Peter and Phoebe for all your hard work for getting our Coot deal done and getting her shipped over to us in Hong Kong. Could not have done it without your fantastic work Sir. Hope you can come sail with us one day. All the very best to you (and Mary Jo).”
Cheers, Pete and Pheebs


John & Esther Gum, Sellers of Carver 355 Motor Yacht

We could not have found a better brokerage team than Frank and Bob. We started with some of the other “big” brokers and were very disappointed. Frank went way beyond what is typically required of a broker (such as performing changing of parts) to make sure the sale went through.
We found Grand Slam to be honest and professional while maintaining that “down home” personal touch.
Should we decide to purchase another vessel we will definately work with Grand Slam.


Will Parker. Seller of Cape Dory 30

“Alan , frankly, I think you are the best and most qualified boat broker I have ever dealt with. You know the business, the industry, the boats, and most important, you understand the buyers. I contracted with Alan to sell my Cape Dory 30 during a period when the boat market was virtually dead. Alan sold the boat within six months of the time he took the listing at a price I considered fair and reasonable, in fact within $2,000 of my asking price. It is clear to me that Alan’s broad knowledge of boats and the boating industry combined with his hard work and understanding of the buyers’ needs sold the boat at a time when other boats were just not selling. I certainly recommend Alan.”


Arne Rantzen, Seller of his Island Packet 445 Gratitude, and an Island Packet 45

“I initially called Alan to help me with the sale of my Island Packet 445 due to the number of listings he had with other Island Packet sailboats. When I first spoke with him, he seemed knowledgeable about the Island Packet line and enthusiastic about helping me sell my boat even though he is based on the Florida Gulf Coast and my boat was on the east coast of Florida. He visited me and saw my boat within a day or so after my call.
As it turned out, Alan found a buyer for my boat but the buyer had an older Island Packet 45 that he needed to sell first. To my amazement, Alan organized and negotiated a trade for the two boats and then arranged for all the financing needed to transact the deal. The buyer got my IP 445. I got an older IP 45 plus cash and then Alan turned around and sold the IP 45 for me.
Not only did he work hard to get both deals done but he structured the deal for the trade in a creative way and handled all the details including organizing the financing, assisting through the survey of both vessels and working through a number of issues—all seamlessly and smoothly. He really knows how to “think outside of the box”.
When I buy my next Island Packet, I’ll be sure to call on Alan.”


Glen and Pam Roger. Purchasers of their Island Packet 38 Cutter.

“We felt that Alan was a partner in our search for the perfect boat. He was on our side trying to make sure that we touched all the bases during the process. Even after we owned the boat, Alan was still on the team, helping us acquire the necessary materials and services to bring the boat into cruising condition.
Now, a year after the purchase, he stays in touch and is available to answer questions and offer support.
I will continue to recommend Alan to friends and family who are on the hunt for their perfect boat.”


Jim and Renate Mendria, Purchasers of their Island Packet 38, Emerald Seas.

“We met Alan In February 2008 while boat shopping on line and by phone. We lived in Victoria, B.C. Canada and were looking to purchase a sailing yacht in the southern US. My wife and I had talked and visited with a variety of brokers on a variety of sailboats. We spoke with Alan regarding an Island Packet that he had listed. The boat we were interested in was no longer on the market. However, in true salesmanship he offered to keep us in the loop if something similar came up. We moved on to another boat in another area. The broker there was atrocious, he over sold the boat to the point of embarrassment. We rescinded our offer as soon as we discovered that we could not trust the broker. When you are buying a boat from a long distance and in different country you have to trust your broker.
Alan Pressman on the other hand was keeping in touch with us and we were very impressed with the professional and honest way he dealt with us. He was very good with getting back to us with the details we needed.
When a boat became available he was excellent in providing us with enough pictures and information that we could make an offer from Canada before flying to his Florida office and inspect the boat. Although there were no major surprises with the condition of the vessel there were several items that need to be addressed before the deal was complete. We headed back home to British Columbia. In the following six weeks Alan and I had many amiable conversations and worked out all the kinks. The end result was that we got the boat we wanted and for the last two years have been living our dream sailing the Bahamas and Caribbean.
Throughout the sale Alan was fantastic to deal with. After the sale when most brokers just move on he continued to help us in any way he could.
We have dealt with many brokers over the years and Alan has been the best. When and if we sell our boat you can bet we will list it with Alan.”


Marion and Boyd Prodaehl, Owners of their Island Packet 38 Chinook Wind

“We met Alan in December of 2007. We were not in the market to purchase a sailboat yet but were on more of a fact finding mission and wanted to see some different boats. Alan took the time to show us several boats and discussed the pros and cons of each manufacturer with us. Then we went home to Canada and expected Alan to forget about us. He did not forget us and when we were ready to take the plunge and purchase a cruising sailboat a year or so later, he was ready with a list of boats for us to look at. Some we had seen on the Yachtworld website but a number of boats he wanted us to see were not on that web-site. Alan toured us through the state of FL looking at Island Packets in the 32-38 foot size. There was no pressure to buy and he was informative in regard to what a boat needed in work before it would be cruise ready.
As a new owner of a large yacht, I initially felt overwhelmed with the work that a cruising boat needs to stay shipshape. Alan crossed the state of FL, put on some work clothes and got down to work with my husband in the bilge. I can’t ever recall any one in sales ever doing something of this nature for us before. We still have our Island Packet 38. Boyd and I now feel we can meet the challenges of boat ownership and cruising.
So, if you are looking to buy a boat, my first piece of advice is, phone Alan. Having the right broker helping you with a purchase of this magnitude is invaluable.”


Pat McLean and Michael Firth. Purchasers of their Morgan 41 Out Island

“When we came to Florida in 2010 to purchase a sailboat, Mike and I contacted several brokers to view available boats. We looked in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Port Charlotte, and the Tampa / St Petersburg areas. Then we met Alan.
Alan took the time to learn about us and what we were looking for. With Alan’s support and guidance, we found our perfect sailboat and were able to navigate the purchasing process. From arranging the survey to getting all the paperwork done on time, Alan helped make our adventure so much easier. As we live in Canada, his assistance was especially appreciated. Before our boat was hauled to Canada, Alan coordinated with the boat yard to make sure it was ready for travel.
We couldn’t have been more pleased with Alan’s help. Without question, Alan is the broker we will recommend to our friends who are looking to buy or sell a boat.
Meanwhile… I have a friend who is very interested in purchasing a Morgan Out Island 41. I know you will be the best guy to help him out with his search.”


Justin & Kim Pavoni, Captain Delta Airlines, sellers of their Cape Dory 36

“Alan,I would like to personally thank you for the great service you gave us when it came time to sell our Cape Dory 36.
Kim and I were selling in a very depressed market and you gave us sound and good advice regarding pricing. We had a buyer within a week and we actually sold the boat for our asking price. You were committed that the price was fair and honest.
When it came time for sea trial and survey, you were there for the entire day. You handled all the final paperwork and financial issues. For us it turned out to be a very simple process from the day we first spoke until final closing. Thank you for the expertise and experience you brought to the process of selling the boat. If we ever decided to buy or sell another boat, you would be called first.
Please let me know if I can ever give you an endorsement. Please do not hesitate to have a potential customer call me. You have earned my highest recommendation.
Thank you once again for the great service.”


J. Cheney, Purchaser of her Hunter Sailboat, Saranade

“I was so fortunate to meet Alan when I purchased my first big boat. I could not have asked for a better broker to work with. He was so straightforward and helpful, and it is so much better to talk sailboats with someone who is a knowledgeable sailboat owner himself! He patiently guided me through the process and was able to work out the kinks along the way. I never would have been able to get the boat if he had not been so helpful locating financing. He never pressured and really listened to what I was looking for from a boat, I knew I could trust him and he really made me feel comfortable. I am really grateful and am happy to say we stay in touch to this day as friends and fellow sailors!”