Why Won’t My Boat Sell?

There are three things that will keep your boat from selling:

  • Your boat is not priced right for the current market conditions.
  • Your boat is not seen by your buyer.
  • The buyer does not have confidence in the condition of the boat.

There are three things that will get your boat sold easily:

  • Price your boat right! Let a Licensed and Bonded Professional Yacht Broker work with you to determine a realistic price and a marketing strategy to get you the highest possible price.
  • Place your boat advertisement where your buyer will see it! When you work with a professional yacht broker at Grand Slam Yacht, you will have the assurance that you are getting maximum exposure to buyers locally and globally, that you are taking advantage of the skills of highly motivated and knowledgeable professional yacht brokers, and are gaining access to the world of over 4000 professional yacht brokers throughout the region and throughout the world that will bring buyers to your boat.
  • Take proactive steps to present your boat in the best possible light. Your professional yacht broker will work with you to come up with a comprehensive strategy to have your boat show as well as possible. This may entail working up a list of jobs that will enhance her appeal, coordination of work with various contractors, consultation with a surveyor if necessary, and determining work that can be done by the owner. A boat that is mechanically excellent but that is cosmetically deficient often conveys the message to a potential buyer that if the boat looks rough or neglected from what can be seen, what does that say about the important parts that are not visibly apparent?

We are professional boat brokers. This is what we do.

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